Anemone Nemorosa | 2021

Anemone Nemorosa | 2021


Anemone Nemorosa | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 18cm x 18cm x 4cm | 2021.


A life size study of a Wood Anemone. This wild flower was names after the Greek god of wind, Anemos and can be found carpeting the floors of ancient woodlands across the UK.


The flowers petals are hand cut from recycled paper and then painted with water colours and shaped. I attach each one individually to the flower head once ready. The stamen are made from wire and are bound to the stem before the petals and sepels are attached. The leaves are mounted on wire and painted then bound with thread as well. The flower stems and leaves are then bound all together to form the shape of the plant. 


The frames are handmade for each display from solid wood and glass. This particular frame has been made from Ash wood and lightly oiled. It has a wire on the back so it will hang from a wall or can stand on a shelf or mantel piece.


In order to keep your piece looking its best, hang it away from direct sunlight and avoid areas where there is a lot of moisture such as in a bathroom.


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