'Untitled' | 2020.

'Untitled' | 2020.


Untitled Entomology Collection | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 34cm x 34cm x 4cm | 2020.


A life size study of a collection of insects including a Ludlow Butterfly, Deer Stag Beetle, Click Beetle and two Longhorn Beetles. These insects can be found in different places all over the world.


Each insect starts life as a tight roll of paper which is hand carve like a piece of wood to create their 3D bodies. Their shells are cut from paper and attached to the bodies before wire legs wrapped with thread are attached. Some insects are painted using water colours to create a particular pattern and others make use of the colours and textures I find already printed in the books and magazine I've collected. The butterfly wings are cut from paper and hand embroidered to give their patterns a more textured and colourful, shiney finish.


The frames are handmade for each display from solid wood and glass. This particular frame has been made from Oak which has been oxidised to create the dark colouring and then oiled. It has a wire on the back so it will hang from a wall or can stand on a shelf or mantel piece.


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