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2017 - Present

I find insects to be fascinating creatures both visually and scientifically. They are so varied in their shapes, colours and textures and the reasons behind these visual traits are incredible and diverse. Figures suggest that for every person on the planet there are 200 million insects, however they appear to be in decline with more species becoming endangered every year. Whilst we often believe them to be annoying or scary, each species has its own niche in the world and a job that is vital to the survival of their (and our) eco-system. 

It is discovering more about the Insect Kingdom that has led me to begin documenting them, researching each species and trying to capture their detail in paper. This is an ongoing project which has led me to create over 200 different species so far.

Un-named Collection | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 60cm x 60cm | 2018.

The Order of Insects 263 | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 32cm x 32cm | 2018.

Blue Morpho | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 30cm x 42cm | 2018.

Lucanidae Stag Beetles | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 18cm x 18cm | 2018.

Family Sphingidae Herse Convolvuli | Recycled Paper, Reclaimed Fabric, Wire and Thread | 21cm x 32cm | 2017.

Family Sphingidae Herse Convolvuli (detail) | Recycled Paper, Reclaimed Fabric, Wire and Thread | 21cm x 32cm | 2017.

Untitled | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 60cm x 40cm | 2018.

Atlas Moth | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 25cm x 25cm | 2019.

Arthropoda: Insects | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 21cm x 21cm | 2018.

7. Collecting Insects 84 | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 32cm x 32cm | 2017.

Chrysomelidae, | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 15cm x 20cm | 2017.

Arthropoda: Insects and Their Allies 43 (detail) | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 21cm x 21cm | 2017.

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