"They look amazing and we’re more than pleased. You really did a fantastic job and captured the subjects beautifully, which is no mean feat considering you’ve never seen most of the subjects in real life"

- Christopher

I am always happy to discuss commissions of any size or type. I usually ask a few questions to begin with to get an idea of the display you are looking for, any particular species you want making and establish what your budget is. I will then draw out some ideas for you to chose from before finalising the design. Once you are happy with it I will begin making. A commission can take anything from 3 weeks to several months depending on the size and details put in. I will always try to confirm how long I expect it to take however this may not always be possible. As some times of the year are busier than others its always best to get in contact in advance to make sure I have plenty of time to get the details right. For more information or to talk about an idea please fill out the form on my contact page or email me directly at hello@kasasagidesign.com 

Winner and Runner up Trophies | Botanical University Challenge 2020

February 2020

I was commissioned to create create two trophies for the Botanical University Challenge 2020, one for the winner and one for the runner up prize. The displays were inspired by the County flowers for the University the challenge was being held in. Both the Sea Holly and Lady's Smock were made from the pages of a reclaimed British Wild Flowers book, painted with watercolour paints and wrapped with embroidery thread. 

Crinoid in a Bell Jar | Private Commission

December 2019

This commission was a challenge as I had not heard of a Crinoid before and was unsure what I was being asked to create! A relative of the star fish, this species really intrigued me and after some research I realised it could be built in a similar way to a lot of the plants I have made. 
The Crinoid was made from book pages about marine life and sits in a small bell jar. I created it life sized and added as many details as I could, including all the small fillaments that make up the mouth in the very centre.

Window Display | Sotheby's Diamonds

September 2018

I was commissioned to create an installation of yellow paper butterflies to surround a display of diamond jewellery. The butterflies had to be completely yellow so I adapted the patterns from real species of butterfly to create their different shapes and produce a pattern I could embroider into the wings. They were mounted on wires to give the effect of them floating around the jewellery. 

Illustration for the Jewellery Edition | Conde Nast Traveller

September 2018

I was asked to create a collection of underwater inspired creatures to illustrate Conde Nast Travellers' Watch and Jewellery Edition. For this project I was able to use my imagination and combine different colours and shapes from different species I had researched rather than make specific creatures. I based my creatures on jellyfish and plankton found in the deep oceans and mounted them on stands so they were able to hold and display the jewellery that was being photographed around them. 

Fauna and Flora of the Falklands | Private Commission

January 2018

I created a series of 6 frames that included plants and insects endemic to the Falklands and fungi that grows in the ancient grasslands of the UK. As many of the species were either extinct or very rare I had to work from a limited amount of photographs and written descriptions of the species. I eventually collected enough information that I was able to re-create the species in recycled paper, capturing many of their characteristics and bringing them to life. 

Collection of Insects and Nature Study | University of Iowa Childrens Hospital

December 2017

I was commissioned to create two new displays for the University of Iowa Childrens Hospitals' Art Collection:


'The Order of Insects 203' was created to show the diversity of insects; the colours, shapes, sizes, patterns and textures. 


'Yearly Cycle of Nature' is a collection based on natural objects found within the state of Iowa. They were arranged to suggest the changing of the seasons and some are hidden in tins and matchboxes to encourage you to focus on individual aspects of nature that can get lost when you view the environment as a whole. 

Individual Projects | Private Commissions


A collection of some of the private commissions I have worked on:

'Dartmoor' was inspired by the flora and fauna found in and around the area of Dartmoor. It was commissioned by a client who lives in the area and wanted to bring the moor inside, sparking happy memories and the feel of exploring her surroundings.

'18 Outlines of Entomology' was curated from the clients favourite species and insects that could be found in their home state in the US. 

'Monet's Garden' was inspired by a favourite holiday to the artists home in Giverney, France. I took a book about Monet and surrounded it with species that would be found in the garden, using both iconic species you can see in Monet's paintings as well as the more subtle species that would have been spotted whilst walking through the gardens today. 

'The Observer Book of Garden Flowers' was designed as a Birthday present for a Garden Designer and included her favourite plants taken from her own garden. I was sent photographs of the garden and flower arrangements dotted about the house to give me ideas for species to use. 

"Kate produced a unique one off item for my wife's 40th. It is quite simply stunning! Throughout Kate was very thorough and approachable...I cannot recommend her and her work enough"

- Nick

"I love Kate's sculpture's. They are beautiful and imaginative one of a kind. Kate got back to me so quickly to answer my questions. I also purchased a beetle in matchbox for a gift and my friend loves it. Thank you Kate"

- Holly

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Stalked Crinoid |

Recycled Paper and Wire | 15 x 25 cm | 2019.