I create intricate, life-sized sculptures of plants and insects, curating collections of them and building installations and dioramas which aim to document different species and encourage a curiosity in nature. They are made using recycled paper, wire and other reclaimed materials which are carved, shaped and sometimes embroidered to bring the sculptures to life. I view my work as a 3D record of my discoveries and experiences of the natural world. By curating collections and building dioramas I hope to inspire and inform the imagination of others, encouraging them to question what they see and the worlds I have documented.

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Current/Future Exhibitions

Digital Craft Festival: 26th-28th March 2021, online.



Craft Festival: 'Craft Festival' September 2021, Bovey Tracey.

H.Art (Herefordshire Open Studios): 4th - 12th September 2021.

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 Gladestry, Wales. UK. 

Hellebore (detail) |

Recycled paper, wire, thread | 30cm x 30cm | 2019.