Artists Statement:


Using recycled materials I try to capture the delicate detail and beauty found in nature. My work is influenced by plants, insects and found objects which I recreate as intricate, life-sized sculptures and arrange carefully into collections and dioramas.  


I have always been fascinated by the natural world; a love instilled in me at a young age, and documenting what I discover has become my main motivation for creating my work. As a child I spent a lot of time collecting bits and pieces in tins or boxes which I would take with me on walks through parks or countryside. This has had a huge influence on my work along with my love of botanical illustrations, the natural sciences and the nostalgia of museum visits where, as a child, I would be mesmerised by the variety of exhibits and the way they were displayed. I tend to view my work as a 3D record of my knowledge and experiences of the natural world.


I work mainly with paper as this is a medium I have loved and used since I began my creative practice, however I also use wire, thread and fabric. When I moved from creating 2D work to 3D it seemed like a natural progression to continue using paper and its properties lend themselves well to the plants and insects I like to create. I use a range of techniques to create my work including carving, wire work and embroidery. I love the changes in colour and texture created by the variety of materials and techniques I use, helping to make the sculptures more lifelike. I also use watercolours to add colour and patterning to the sculptures as well as selecting appropriate pages from the books and magazines I collect.


For me my work can be very nostalgic, taking me back to my childhood and the curiosity that fuelled my creativity. I like to use materials in a way that provokes this curiosity in the viewer too by leaving sections of the original object visible in the new sculpture. I want the sculptures to look real and not real at the same time inviting the viewer to consider details they may normally over look and stimulate curiosity for the made item and the real thing.

My work aims to encourage curiosity in nature and promote an awareness of the environment. I want to bring those small, hidden and overlooked details into the public eye and encourage people to consider their importance in our eco-system. By curating collections of objects and building dioramas of spaces from the natural world I hope to inspire and inform the imagination of the viewer, encouraging them to build narratives and ask questions about the natural objects they see.

You can find out more about me, what has inspired me and my work by following me on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest.

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{Kasasagi: Translated from Japanese means magpie. It is used figuratively to refer to a person who obsessively collects things.}



Born and raised in Bristol, Kate completed her BA in Graphic Design at the University of the West of England in 2006. During her degree Kate had focused on book making and print, developing skills in book binding, type setting and screen printing. She explored ideas of narrative and alternative ways of presenting stories and books, working intensively with paper.

After graduating she worked as a photographer and freelance graphic designer, photographing people and places and creating printed designs for marketing.

Eventually leaving the industry and moving to the quiet countryside of the Welsh Boarders with her family, Kate took the opportunity to continue working with paper but develop her practise in a different and more personal direction.

Kate now lives and works just outside the Welsh town of Hay-on-Wye and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, taking part in her first group exhibition the ‘Prize Exhibition’ at the RBSA Gallery, Birmingham, in 2015. Kate has work in public and private collections around the world and in 2016 became an Emerge member of the Design Factory and won a 'Merit' award for her work at the Arts and Crafts Design Awards.